The Henna Artist: A Novel (The Jaipur Trilogy Book 1)

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The Henna Artist is a novel by Alka Joshi that tells the story of a woman named Lakshmi, who escapes an abusive marriage to become a successful henna artist in post-independence India. The novel is the first in the Jaipur Trilogy series.

In the novel, Lakshmi works hard to establish herself as a respected henna artist and herbalist, catering to the wealthy and powerful in the city of Jaipur. She has a deep understanding of the healing properties of herbs and uses this knowledge to help her clients.

However, when her abusive husband finds her and demands that she return home with him, Lakshmi's carefully constructed life is threatened. She must navigate this new danger while also dealing with the secrets of her own past.

The Henna Artist is a vividly written, compelling story with richly drawn characters and a captivating setting. It explores themes of gender, identity, and power, and is a celebration of female strength and resilience.

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